The Brexit Debacle

There really are people out there who still think Ireland should “know its place”

With all the indecision and toing and froing in relation to Brexit recently, it would be a full time job just keeping up to date with regards what the situation actually is at any given point in time. However, one thing which has certainly came to the fore in the past week is the fact that there are still a chunk of people across the water who seem quite put out by the fact that Ireland has had the temerity to actually fight its own corner. And what is quite significant about this is that we are not talking about some whispered quietly views among people, whereby it’s not something they would want to say publicly. No, rather many people have been only too happy to convey their views on our wee country across various news and media outlets across the UK.

Just wrong | Of course, the fact that many of these people don’t seem to have a clue about Ireland, with, in many cases, statements being made which left people here lost for words as to just what country they were actually talking about, doesn’t help. And for heaven’s sake, don’t even attempt to ask them where the border between the north and south of Ireland is, you’ll be lucky if they can find the actual country itself. After all, we are all part of the UK aren’t we?

Add to this the fact that so few people have a clue about what is actually happening with Brexit and you are just about as close to a perfect storm as you are going to get. Given that they don’t know what they want, don’t know what is happening, don’t know when exactly the thing that they don’t know about, is happening, and don’t know about the only country which will potentially have a land border with themselves, it hardly bodes well for the future.

Of course you can’t forget the recent border drawing debacle on Channel 4 News, along with the views expressed by one woman who stated that

“I do think the Irish are just making trouble because they lost. It’s a bit petty isn’t it, really? The southern Irish have to lump it, basically, you can’t always have what you want in life”.

Yes, there are still people out there like this.


And of course, Ireland knowing its place, again popped up on Sky News this week when presenter Adam Boulton, in a ridiculous line of questioning, asked Tánaiste Simon Coveney “if he felt guilty over Ireland’s approach to Brexit negotiations”, going on to ask “Do you think that this week’s kerfuffle has been necessary? Do you feel slightly guilty that perhaps the Irish government over-briefed what had been achieved as a victory over the British for the European Union?” He then went on to say that had the Irish government “been a bit more straightforward about a practical agreement at the beginning we wouldn’t have had these four days of turmoil.” Of course, given that this is Sky we are talking about, and given that there has been inaccuracies about Ireland flying left and right all week in the UK media it’s hardly surprising. After all, we are all too pre-occupied with our upcoming presidential election at the moment, aren’t we!


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